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Conscious connected breathing

“Everything straight lies, all truth is crooked, time itself is a circle.”

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

We continue the journey into the magical world of the breath. In the previous post I talked about how important it was to breathe, now I want to tell you what happens if we breathe in a conscious and circular way. By conscious connected breathing we mean a breath that is always either with the nose or always with the mouth and without pauses between inhale-exhale and exhale-inhale. Just like a circle. Breathing with the nose is recommended to develop perception and concentration, while breathing with the mouth goes to do a deep psychosomatic work, going to move emotions and tensions. As we have said, the breath has enormous effects on a physical level, starting with the increased oxygenation of cells and the brain, alkalizes the blood, keeps the lungs elastic, unlocks the diaphragm, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the vagus nerve, ... But the breath is also a journey into emotions. The unpleasant emotions that we do not want to experience, are often somatised at the level of the rib cage, causing a muscle stiffening of the area called 'character armor'. With the circular breathing we are going to loosen those muscles, also freeing the trapped emotions (sometimes even for years). A positive and open mental attitude is essential to accept and release everything that may emerge during a session. Circular breathing, and especially Transpersonal Rebirthing, can also be a quick way to spiritual realization. Breathing takes us into the present moment, into the 'here and now'. We can open the doors to states of expanded consciousness, where we can realize our true Self. Moving beyond the cages of thought and lifting the veil of Maya, Illusion, we come face to face with the Absolute, pure Awareness, our true nature. We realize our union with the Whole. We understand that there is no separate self. 'Like the wave that realizes it is ocean.' (quoted by Filippo Falzoni Gallerani). cinzia

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